Imagine all your classic, favorite artists rolled in to one? A hauntingly soulful and powerful voice combined with a fabulous fusion of musical vibes pulled from across all genres and you end up with exciting new artist, Riiver Brukes.

This Canadian/Scottish singer/lyricist is in a class of her own. Working closely with award winning producer and songwriter, Joe Segreti, this pair have created a whole new species of musical genre for 2020. Don't miss out - watch this space for news of long awaited releases and know first hand when they will be available for purchase.


Riiver Brukes        

Click on each image above to see a little video clip of each song. Enjoy!


NEWS: Welcome to Riiver's site! We've been busy updating things and hope you enjoy the new look! As you can see above, Riiver has now released 5 individual singles and you can download them here on the site or stream them on I-tunes, Apple, Spotify, Pandora....and almost all digital platforms. Following on from her initial songs, she and Joe Segreti continued on to produce another 5 great singles due for release very soon! We hope to be able to offer a pre-order option for our fans in the coming days. Please check back to the site often for updates.




Hurricane - new upcoming single for 2020

Hurricane - new upcoming single for 2020