Riiver Brukes

Riiver Brukes’ unusual gritty and soulful voice brings a powerful edge to some amazing hook laden songs, and is influenced by a broad spectrum of genres and artists, but especially her passion for jazz and blues. Rising through a foundation built from various bands including pop band Cicero (#11 European Dance Charts), Edinburgh’s very own Riiver Brukes releases her first solo album, ‘Reformed Soul’ (co-written and produced by Joe Segreti: Bruno Pelletier, Mooch): An album that oozes nothing less than the attitude, character and soul of this Scottish Lassie.

News: We're very excited to announce that Riivers' 'Break the Chains' new official video has now been released and available for viewing on YouTube.  Please like, share, comment and subscribe to Riiver's YouTube channel and help get this great message out!! Enjoy!!

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