We're getting close to wrapping up the final five songs! A little delay as a new song snuck in there! Very excited and think you're gonna love them. A great mix to finish off Riiver's Album. Some acoustic tunes...little bit soul...keep checking back for updates!

Lots happening! 

The past couple of months have been busy as we focus on another 5 new songs! Very excited as we have some nice acoustic guitar in a couple of them. We won't release the new ones individually as we did with the others...which means a wait until they are all finished. Probably around September. TBC. It will be worth it though. You are gonna love the completed album! We do!! Please watch this space for updates and do join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Mamma Used To Say has arrived!! 

Rivier is on a roll with her 3 single of 2019 (and 5th single to date), 'Mamma Used To Say' having just been released! A great song playing homage to not only her mother, but to all mothers out there. As with all of Riiver songs, available to purchase from CDBaby as well as all digital platforms such as Spotify and I-tunes etc.

Break The Chains 

We are on a roll for 2019! Song number 4, 'Break The Chains' is about to drop! For all you funky folks out there, you're gonna love this one. Watch this space for details on when it becomes available to download or stream.

Susie has arrived! 

Great news! Riiver's 3rd single - and first of 2019, is finally available to download and stream everywhere! From Spotify to Amazon, to Deezer to You-Tube, check out this new soulful addition to Rivers rapidly expanding repertoire of fabulous new sounds!

New Music for 2019! 

Hello Folks! Firstly, 'Happy New Year'!! I hope 2019 brings much health and happiness!

I wanted to drop a note to give you an update on whats been happening! Latest news is that, as you know my first 2 singles (Love Me Like U Do & Good Thing) were released late in 2018. They are both now available to download via CD Baby, I-Tunes, Apple Music, KKBox, Amazon and pretty much everywhere! AND...my next single 'Susie', will be released in the next 2-3weeks! I'm very excited to share it! Please come backā€¦

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'Good Thing' 

Very excited that single no.2 is about to be released!! 'Good Thing' has a slightly more 'rocky' feel to it than 'Love me like u do'. And we think you're gonna love it! Watch this space for news and updates on when you can download this fab new song!


Love Me Like U Do - debut single release 


Hey! Very excited that my first single (of 10), 'Love Me Like U Do' has finally dropped. You will soon be able to download it from i-tunes and spotify etc but for now you can buy it directly on my website. I hope you enjoy!

What's coming next?? We've been very busy working on another 8 songs and the next one up is 'Good Thing' - that will be available firstly on the website in about 1-2weeks! Yay!