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Imagine all your classic, favorite artists rolled in to one? A hauntingly soulful and powerful voice combined with a fabulous fusion of musical vibes pulled from across all genres and you end up with exciting new artist, Riiver Brukes.

This Canadian/Scottish singer/lyricist is in a class of her own. Working closely with award winning producer and songwriter, Joe Segreti, this pair have created a whole new species of musical genre for 2018. Don't miss out - watch this space for news of long awaited releases and know first hand when they will be available for purchase.


Riiver Brukes        

Click on each image above to see a little video clip of each song. Enjoy!


NEWS: Welcome to Riiver's site! We've been busy updating things and hope you enjoy the new look! Riiver has now released her 3rd single, 'Susie'. You can download it or stream it on I-tunes, Apple, Spotify, Pandora....and almost everywhere.


New!! Riiver's 5th song has been released! 'Mamma Used To Say' iis now available to download from CDBaby (click on links to the left). They are also available to stream on Spotify, You Tube, I-Tunes and all digital music platforms. Enjoy!